The EB4D Constitution


I. Introduction to the Introduction

Much like these great United States, or league is made up of many different types of people. From aspiring doctors and lawmakers to drunks, liars, and cheaters, we have it all. As such, we have developed a Constitution to protect what little slice of dignity and decorum our league does maintain. This document is merely to serve as evidence when skirmishes arise, and will be of no interest whatsoever to anyone outside the league. Hell, it probably doesn’t even interest those within the league. Without further ado, the EB4D Constitution, as penned by League Secretary, Alex Haney.

II. Introduction

Participation in the league will constitute as assent to the following rules. Members already active in the league are considered to be assenting to the rules, and any member entering after the date the rules are ratified will be assumed to be in agreeance with the rules, and subject to them.

III. Rules

1. League Membership/Voting:­ Expansion or contraction of the league (to an even number, unless otherwise agreed) will require a 2/3 vote by the members of the league. A vote may be entered as “yes” or “no”; abstaining from a vote will be counted as a removal of a member in regards to the 2/3 rule (ex. if a member abstains from a vote, the total number of votes counted will be reduced by 1); votes not received within 24 hours of a set deadline will be considered as abstaining, unless extenuating circumstances arise.

2. League Dues: Amount to be decided on an annual basis no later than 2 weeks prior to the draft date. Failure to pay on time may result in consequence decided upon by the Commissioner (can be vetoed if deemed unreasonable by a 3/4 vote).

3. Draft Date: To be decided on an annual basis in order to accommodate attendance of as many if not all members; date is subject to change based on accommodation, but a preliminary date should be set by June 1 of the draft year. Those unable to attend in-person or online will be autodrafted by selecting the best available player from ESPN’s most recent player ranking sheet at the time of the draft in order to maintain impartiality.

4. Playoffs: Top 4 teams based on overall record will play 2, 2­-week matchups to decide a champion. Any tiebreakers will be decided using ESPN standard settings.

5. “Toilet Bowl”: Bottom 4 teams based on overall record will play 2, 2­-week matchups. The team to lose both its matchups will be the Toilet Bowl Champ. Tiebreakers will follow the ESPN standard settings.

6. Championship Payout: To be decided at the beginning of each season.

A. 2018 Season:

– Regular Season First Place: Money Back

– Playoff Runner Up: Money Back

– Non-Playoff High Score (Total from Week 13-16): 1/2 Money Back

– Playoff Champion: Remainder of Pot

B. Going forward, payouts will follow these same ratios unless decided otherwise by a majority league vote.

7. “Toilet Bowl” Payout: The loser of the loser’s bracket will be expected to carry out the punishment decided by the previous year’s champion, which should be decided upon prior to the following season’s draft. Failure to comply with the punishment may result in consequences as deemed appropriate by the Commissioner. Punishments should be within reason and generally deemed as acceptable by league members (2/3 vote).


8. Keepers:­ Two (2) keepers may be selected by each team owner. Keepers must meet the following requirements:

A. Player may have been drafted in any round, but will be kept using the round he was drafted in the year before (or last round if undrafted).

B. Player was on the owner’s roster at the time roster spots lock for the final matchup of the season. After such time, rosters will lock for the remainder of the offseason so that roster moves may only be made via trade.

C. Player has been declared as a keeper no later than 1 hour prior to the draft. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of a keeper for that season.

D. Player has not been kept for more than 2 consecutive seasons. After such time, the player must be released back into the draft pool and is not eligible to be picked up by or traded to another team. A player being kept for the 2nd year will be kept using his original draft round or the 4th round – whichever is higher.

E. If keeping two players, one keeper must have finished outside the Top 10 of his position in total scoring the previous season.

9. Trades: All trades will be subject to Commissioner approval in order to expedite the transaction process. All teams will receive notification when a trade has been accepted. Should any member have reasonable cause to object to the trade (or to the rejection of the trade by the commissioner), that member should request within 24 hours that a vote be held by the Commissioner. If a majority of the teams (excluding those involved in the trade) vote in favor of the veto, the trade will be overturned.

10. Draft Pick Trades: Teams are eligible to trade players for draft picks both in­-season (up until the trade deadline) and in the offseason. A team may only make 1 trade for a pick (set of picks) during the season, and one additional such trade in the offseason. Teams may trade away as many picks as they’d like. All trades will be subjected to the same approval rules spelled out above.

11. Scoring and Miscellaneous Rule Changes: Any changes to the ESPN scoring or other rules not spelled out in this constitution must be agreed upon by majority vote prior to draft in order to take effect during the upcoming season.

12. Amendments: This is a constitution. Therefore, it may be amended. Amendments may be proposed by any member within the league (not prospective members), and must then be approved by a 3/4 vote. Amendments will then be added to the League Constitution, and will become new law and/or override old law. The most recent set of rules will always be the controlling rules.


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