Bold Strategies

On Thursday night, Matty Ice placed his testicular fortitude upon Matty’s eyes. Past that, Mike Evans did grown-man things to the Falcons D, turning it into a passing battle. I am not mad at it. Barring a complete meltdown to the tune of every player giving the performance equivalent of spending $25 of Hunter Henry, I’m moving to 8-1. It was a misdirection, always a bold strategy.

This is also entirely rushed and last minute. So basically, the usual, but with less research.  A bold strategy.

Nick, set your lineup. No one wants to see the Pocket Dogs in the upper half of the standings. Be all you can be. Of course, if you’re going for boldness, not starting half a team is boldest of the bold. One might even suggest…too bold. Fortune favors the bold!

There’s nothing I can possibly add to this

After taking a well-timed week off, Julio got back to being Julio. I actually managed to watch most of the second half of this one, and TIL Julio is a beast. Tut is still only projected to win by a few, but looking at Frazers lineup, I wouldn’t hold my breath looking for Win Number 2. Hey Frazer, care to make a bold trade for one Andy Dalton? I hear he’s doing pretty well this year.


Will is seemingly continuing his bold strategy of not starting a kicker until the last second. Really taking advantage of the gametime decision method to confuse the defense. Speaking of confused defenses, the Cardinals are on a bye week. You really just can’t count on anyone to do their job, these days. Two bold strategies in one matchup? Very bold.

Numero Un has take a sudden turn for the worse, with a win drought that’s quickly beginning to look like a North Korea work camp: stark, cold, and really just generally unpleasant. Will the DPRK nuke the competition, or be relegated to the underground dirt farms of the bottom half of the rankings? Leaning on two RBs recently cleared from injury on low scoring offenses is a bold strategy if ever I’ve seen one.



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