Week 4: Film Room

We here at the EB4D Blog Staff value three things above all others:

  1. Cutting corners
  2. Keeping things fresh
  3. Producing podcasts of poor audio quality where every 6th word is “um”

So in abiding by the first two of these three principles, this week’s blog is brought to you neither in written nor oratory form, but rather live performance art. So without further ado, I present to you “A Summary of Each Team’s Season Thus Far” as expressed via Vine.

1. Head Bustas (4-0, 452 points scored) – An NFL player in a fantasy football league


2. Chuck’s Cannons (3-1, 599 points scored) – Upon hearing accusations of using insider info for waiver wire bids…


3. Joint Practice Punchers (3-1, 492 points scored) – Will heading to the waiver wire to find a QB after Tony Romo went down…


4. Fighting Frazers (2-2, 498 points scored) – When the Frazers get off to a hot start to the season…


5. Los Turndownadors (2-2, 466 points scored) – Thomas trying to decide if he should start Jeremy Hill…


6. Tryna Get Lucky (2-2, 466 points scored) – When Matt holds on to win on back-to-back Monday Night games


7. Secret Squirrels (1-3, 545 points scored) – Just when you think another team can’t run up the score against him…


8. Suck It, Trebek (1-3, 472 points scored) – Haney, your level of effort the rest of the season on a scale of 1-10?


9. El Cunado (1-3, 453 points scored) – Plays Matt Week 1 and then…


10. Dirty Mike An The Boyz (1-3, 399 points scored) – How’s the music video rehearsal coming there Tuttle?


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